Dimpy Leaves Abusive Hubby Rahul

Marriages are made in heaven. But if you're married to one Rahul Mahajan, then life is one hell.

Barely five months after marrying Rahul Mahajan on national television, Kolkata's Dimpy Ganguly, 21, has walked out of his house after alleging physical abuse from the volatile husband. Pictures of Dimpy, showcasing her bruises are being flashed across TV channels.

Who is the Backside

Who is the Backside of the Couple in the photograph? 

Not too much is known about the specifics of this photograph except the couple are now both deceased..........

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Katrina Kaif

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Crop India

हाईब्रिड टमाटर - सरदार - एफ -1
पौधा सीमित बढत वाला
प्रथम तुडाई रोपाई के : 65 - 70 दिन बाद
फल : गोलाकार, मध्यम मोटा छिलका, रंग गहरा लाल, हल्का खट्टा
औसत वजन : 60 से 70 ग्राम
अच्छी स्टोरेज क्षमता
रोगों के प्रति सहनशील
अधिक तापक्रम सहने की क्षमता
बीज मात्रा : 70 - 80 ग्राम

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